Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coop Sports Car

Karmann car series

VW and Porsche have a long history of cooperation that started with the first ever KdF car. Both are synonymous to the German version of ‘I scratch your back and you scratch mine’. This close relationship was apparent too in the 60’s when both wanted a transition sports car model. VW for one wanted a replacement of the Karmann Type34, and Porsche for its part a successor to the entry-level 912.

The result is the VW Porsche 914, a car that bears both names of my main passions, as far as the automobile is concern. It too reminds me of how cooperation is made of; a combination of team effort, purpose, compromise, sharing, trials and resolve. Thereby with these representations, I feel it is special!

My 3” version is by any measure special to me as well.
Siku V312 1970 VW Porsche 914/6, the six-cylinder variant of the 914 is one of my all time beloved diecast.

This particular 914 is from the 'Siku Flitzern' series, the German firm’s 1970 response to the transition to faster rolling wheels, meant to compete with HotWheels Redline or Matchbox Superfast. Thus the wheels are sometimes referred to as Flitzern.

A delicate and very charming model IMHO, having the early clear windows that differ from later yellow window releases and those all black Siku R3 wheel are one of my favorites in a Siku.

Another raison d'ĂȘtre why I collect VW and Porsche.

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