Thursday, June 25, 2009

Un-mint Appeal?

There is something eccentric having to do this.
Genuinely, I can’t discern why….
…but I’m drawn to this nostalgic connection.

To start with; rat rods are supposed to be,
rough and tough, down and dirty.
What’s the point of a polished model,
it wouldn’t be then a rat Volksrod.

To capture the spirit, I took a dead mint HW.
Scrapped the paint and chipped it at random.
Slapped some well-worn transitional & early
MB Superfast wheels. No more detailing
whatsoever, plain and simple retrograding.

Somehow this rat Volksrod brings me back,
and in touch with my first ever VW,
the Matchbox #15 red 1500 Saloon.
It was well played with and very much loved
that its remaining paint is no less that 60%
intact and the windows broken. Needless to say,
that one is a hands down all-time favorite!
Those front wheels are from that very same toy
I played with as a 7-year old gear head.
That MB VW, is now a Cal-look Bug and is my
most treasured diecast. (Watch out for it soon)

Something old, something new but made old.
I guess it was about lighthearted retrospect.
The aftermath of this reminiscing is an
‘un-mint custom’, a liberating fun exercise
contrary to the norm. A general norm that mint
is the better condition most of the time.
In this case, like a much faded Levis 501 jeans…
well-worn is definitely more appealing to me!

Transitional front wheels for my 1st MB Bug

Rear wheels from my other childhood Superfast MB

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