Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Godzilla Bug

They don't make them like they used too - series

Years back I had the chance to meet this fascinating duo; Pinoy father and son who shared the same hobbies as mine; VW, miniature cars and bicycles.
We both have 1:1 VW to enjoy, drive, and that was the start. Theirs was a Kombi, mine my old-school watercooled Vdubs. Theirs was a VW miniature model to dream of having, mine is the longing for one.
When the son has to leave for the US to study, I thus pursued his childhood treasure and hoped he’d allow me to be its new keeper. Upon much convincing he did let go and the Godzilla Bug was mine.

I did promised him among others, that I won’t sell it. I wouldn’t …
Here’s why?
I saw this giant of a bug in one of the VW magazine (US publication) and it was in the Top 20, Rare of the rare. Didn’t believe it until I checked the internet…. this Bandai Wireless Remote Controlled Litho Tin VW Beetle can’t be found…..yet.
Most of the Bandai are bump’n’ go or cable remote controlled. Could be, it’s uber rare indeed.

The Godzilla Bug aka ‘Latang Uwang’ (Tin Giant Beetle)

For scale purposes it is pictured with the tiny Tomis

Opting for a tatami looking backdrop for the following photos (ooops… it’s a Belgian made rug actually…LoL)….. to go with the Japanese origin….
The instruction manual, antennae, remote are all intact

Box is still complete. ‘ Wireless Radio Contol’ & 'Kingsize' printed on it.

Operable sunroof and see thru motor reveal rotating fan.

Lovely Lithograph on Tin.

A bit of tidbit. Thanks to Brian’s Radicon bug post, it made me remember to feature my non-diecast giant bug.


Mervin Diecast Collection said...

Nice treasure.....

komenda said...

Glad you like it Mervin :-)

Jovet's Garage said...

WOW!!! Great details for an old toy. I can see the item condition and it's very MINT! Congrats Erwin, that is truly a keeper! =)

danielh said...

hi komenda! very interesting blog you have here! and the those VW collection are hard to find these days.

BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! said...

Stunning example of what is rare! My kinda toy.

Unearth more of your treasures Erwin!

komenda said...

Thanks Jovet :-) I was pleasantly surprised myself on how good the condition is ;)

komenda said...

Hello Danielh, glad you liked the blog contents. VW collecting I think is universal, thus a lot are into it….and I’m truly happy of this as well.
BTW, you really are a master at customs, I enjoy your creations. :-)

komenda said...

Thanks Brian! Glad you posted the Radicon Bug and other cool vintage cars…now I’m giving attention anew to my vintage stuff :-)

Biggie said...

Superb VW bug ! ! !

Do you know what year was it made and how long (cca) is this rare beauty ?

komenda said...

Hi and thanks Rok,
This could be made in the late 60’s. I’m fervently researching on the complete history of this particular Bug…but none so far is available. The scale should be about 1:12. I’ll take measurements in millimeters, bumper to bumper when I get home :-) will let you know.

komenda said...

Measured this Extra-sized Bug and here are the vital statistics :-)

390mm L x 170mm W x 150mm H

That makes it 1:10 in scale :-)

toyotageek said...

Very nice!
I have a similar one, but mine has the 'spinning wheel' on the underside.

komenda said...

Glad you liked it! Thanks
That bump n’ go version is great as well :-)