Monday, September 21, 2009

Stop gap custom

'Lazy Customs' series

I’ve wanted the HotWheels 50th anniversary Porsche 917 Gulf #2 , the 1970 24 Hours of Daytona winning car for quite a time, yet until now has not bagged one. I think waiting will take some more time. Meanwhile, a great guy sent me this HW Real Rider spare… though we both share the same observation. It does not represent an actual racing car.

Alas, an opportunity presents itself for a quick transformation.

The inspiration:
The 1970 1000km Brand Hatch race winner, which was never modeled in small scale yet. The 917 piloted by the legendary Pedro Rodriguez

The ‘lazy custom’:
The car was de-tampoed.. .rubber tires reversed for thicker sidewall…home-made livery applied….added detailing.

The Gulf #10 Porsche 917 Kurzheck.

A pair of shots inspired by the 1970 race photo.

The glass top resembling rain soaked track :-) maybe.



JDMike's Diecast Site said...

That is a great custom job Erwin!! superb decals, are those waterslide decals you used?

Now I know who to give my 917 when I get tired of it! :-)

komenda said...

Hi Mike, thanks my friend :-) I know the Steve McQueen in you will like this one!
Yup, these are waterslide decals :-) the GULF racing is one of my fav livery. You know, I’ve been drooling over that HW 917 Gulf#2 you have… thus I’m so willing when that time comes :-)

BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! said...

beautiful! i have that in 1:18 by AA :) However what I have is the longtail version.

komenda said...

Glad you liked it Brian :-)
That AutoArt 917L version you have is extra nice! It's a keeper.

danielh said...

awesome custom komenda!!!!!!!! i really likes it. You transform a normal car into full spec race car.And the livery are very catching!

komenda said...

Thanks Danielh for the awesome feedback! Coming from a custom master like you, I appreciate it much :-)

Jovet's Garage said...

It's now an actual racing car. Congrats on a great custom Erwin!

komenda said...

Appreciate it Jovet ;-) much happy you liked it!