Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Smallest Diecast Karmann Ghia

Miniature Appeal Series

Contradictory to the dictum “Bigger is Better”, nowadays everyday things are getting smaller. Good examples are computers and host of personal devices, are leaning towards being handy and tiny.
Miniaturization then is the operative word and it does have its inherent charm.

For diecast car collectors, they know too well the appeal of miniatures; the scale representation of their favorite automobiles. Most would say, having them is the only sane way to have your very own 1,001 or more cars under one roof! But let us admit it; the real reason is that miniatures have irresistible appeal, period. Let us not even touch on mini pinchers or bonsai, a wonderful small scale car is a sight to behold.

How about going to the extremes of diecast car miniaturization?
I believe the firm, Tsugawa of Japan has done it by this example of one my favorite classic VW.

The smallest diecast of the VW Karmann Ghia (Early version Type1)

For scale comparisons, it is shown beside the JL 3” Karmann, and 1 Philippine Peso coin.

Overall length is 1 inch (25mm), thus it should be around 1: 170 scale

For its size it is quite heavy. Note it even sports clear plastic windows.

A bit of trivia : The hubcaps are sized like that of the needle pin-head….that tiny!


danielh said...

this is very small and quite decent details!A very good miniature die cast models produced by Tsugawa.

Thanks for sharing Erwin!!!!

komenda said...

Hi Danielh, glad you liked this tiny diecast.
When it was displayed in the collector’s stores around 10years back, I didn’t even notice it, even after frequently visiting that place. Its smallness made it rather invisible to the casual viewer. I’m quite happy that it did grab my attention finally :-)

Jovet's Garage said...

I'm impressed with Tsugawa's work, perfect details and proportion in such a small piece.

Congrats on another great find Erwin! =)

komenda said...

I knew you liked Karmanns, and knowing this tiny one has passed your fondness, it’s a seal of great approval :-) Thanks Jovet !

Biggie / Mercedes Diecasts and Toys said...

Lovely ghia :)

Does this firm make any other small diecast cars ??? This is great for small scale railroads ( N system, scale 1:160 - superb for background settings because it is slightly smaller )

Keep em coming my friend :)

komenda said...

Thanks Rok :-)
I think they do have Benz in 1/87th scale, and they are great as well.
Cheers my friend :-)